I don’t want to keep feeling lonely.

2021.09.20 06:18 pourlejeter I don’t want to keep feeling lonely.

It is not possible to be so unlucky to try to form friendships, every person I meet irl and ask to hang out, says no, I’m not suicidal (yet at least) but it’s worth enough to throw myself out of the window.
Please help, I can’t keep being so lonely.
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2021.09.20 06:18 YIN986 Hmmmmmmmm

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2021.09.20 06:18 Ok_Log_4559 CHARLES 💎 Great Opportunity | Insane Potential | Huge Rewards | Doxed And Based Dev | Good Marketing in Bound 🎇

Hello Dear Investor💎
We want to present you a project with great potential that rewards its holders with crazy ADA reflections💸
Your investment will be supervised by a well-known team that prepares huge marketing: Charity Donations, Coingecko, Tranding CMS, Coisniper, Coinhunt, Fameous Influencers Tweets, CMC, CoinPaprika🚀
CHARLES Token is named after Charles Hoskinson. Great founder of Cardano.
Creator of CHARLES Token is well known team: adacoin.hu, which also owns GULAS pool!👑
🖋Doxxed And Friendly Devs
🧳Based Team
💍Huge Rewards in ADA💸
👑Great Marketing In Bound
🎇Coingecko And CMC Listings Are Coming!
🐦 Major Influencers On Board
🔒 Liquidity Is Locked For 1 Year :
🖌Ownership Is Renounced:
total supply: 1,000,000,000
Trading tax: 10%
7% rewards
1% liquidity
1% marketing.
1% charity donations
slippage: 12%
Contract: 0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
Buy Link: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
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2021.09.20 06:18 808gecko808 HAWAIʻI in the Kitchen: Tropical Malasada Shortcake

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2021.09.20 06:18 ferbje What am i missing here? Risk Free Iron Butterfly if i could get a fill. 2 spreads so it’s possible.

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2021.09.20 06:18 Violet_Spirit PonyB0i - That was Loud

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2021.09.20 06:18 thetwohoots How many members of U2 does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just Bono. He holds it while the whole world revolves around him
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2021.09.20 06:18 Idle_peach Would a female version of Kabir Singh elicit equal uproar?

Just wondering, if there was a movie showing a female character indulging in self destructive tendencies after a romantic failure would it be hated in the same way as Arjun Reddy or Kabir Singh? It should be, but would it?
Also, I'm not sure if there is already such a movie. As far as I know having dominant females in a relationship hasn't been portrayed as much in Indian movies.
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2021.09.20 06:18 gmoneyrocks1 Rebagging Comics IV: The Voyage Home(from Midtown Comics) September mail from Midtown Comics from their 60% off sales. The Catwoman Frison covers are all cover buys, Dept. Of Truth for the collection, Dark Blood and Basilisk to catch up on reading.

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2021.09.20 06:18 deja_vu_ae86 This video... reminded me of my ex, I recently broke up and I miss her. I would give up everything just to be with her.

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2021.09.20 06:18 DrWorDz Spilled a cuban before the bicarb. Water and product.... Lol. Gone. Salvaged one grizz.

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2021.09.20 06:18 WarPig115 what causes this?

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2021.09.20 06:17 Bradburykidsrock I'm trying to make a wipeout map in Fortnite Creative and I'm wondering something : Is there a way to make it to where the longer it takes them to finish the level, they get a worse response?

If you don't know what I mean, basically, in wipeout 2 if you get like 1 minute or less, they say something like "This player turns in an amazing time!" but if you get like 3 minutes or more, they say something like "This player turns in a pretty meh time!"
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2021.09.20 06:17 TradeNotPlay Worst ETH regrets.

When ETH was rougly $200. I gave my ex-girlfriend's father 23.4 ETH to help renovate the house, as her father already had some and was withdrawing it for some major repairs and couldn't get his dream shed started.
Me doing this caused us to break up ironically as she took the "my family doesn't need help - when it was simply a kind gesture for informing us we would be co-owning their house when they passed away.
Today, I drove past the house on my way home - from dropping a co-worker nearby.
The house looks great, and I'm happy the family put the ETH into what they said they would (I assume - as I never asked for the finances back).
But looking back on it now... that's around 90k (now) in today's value I handed over back then.
It makes my stomach curdle, but also makes me weirdly feel like I did good.
I'm so conflicted between happiness and feeling so sick, especially having to withdraw all my crypto assets as of late to get by (as most would be with COVIDs impact).
Did I do the right thing in never asking for it to be returned? Is my sick feeling natural?
Idk... what are your experiences that are similar to any degree, maybe that will ease my (likely over-reactive) negative feelings.
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2021.09.20 06:17 TheMeltingSnowman72 Sick of hearing how hard done by they are.

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2021.09.20 06:17 TTV_Gimmah321 Big B LETS PLAY SOME MINECRAFT

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2021.09.20 06:17 unable_To_Username Data heritage. Upload question.

Hi, so... apparently i am actually a data hoarder and for time beings it is for private use. But despite I'm pretty young my biggest question already is "Where to share?" Because i have a lot of original YouTube videos that already don't exist anymore (taken down, probably Copyright) and much other especially Copyright related stuff (Mostly videos that were made for public use) i would like to know if there is any gray zone (in terms of international law) where i can (one day) upload my stuff to make it accessible to public, WITHOUT it being exposed to the threat of being taken down due to copyright issues.
For clarification, my data does not contain any payware (No Movies etc) all of the data was/is free and public. But especially here where i live government goes BRRRRRRRRRR in terms of ridiculous copyright laws, this got so far that they tried to ban Memes, and still are increasing the restrictions.
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2021.09.20 06:17 ToxicRiley9 LSD/ Labrinth, Sia, Diplo - Genius (Alternative Music Video)

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2021.09.20 06:17 Anzility Best solo frames and how do I man up to chains of harrow.

Hello, im a returning player Mr8. Im in Sedna i believe. Ive been rocking mu nezha prime, with mesa and loki prime. Can these frames be considered solo frames and How do i man up to chains of harrow i cannot tolerate terrohorror.
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2021.09.20 06:17 rodeze Let's Go ROBODOGE

Let's get everyone we know to buy some Robodoge.
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2021.09.20 06:17 TheAceCard2242 The microchips!

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2021.09.20 06:17 Janettow-Music (HARD) Japanese Type Beat - "Samurai"

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2021.09.20 06:17 Notesky The Joe Rogan Experience

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2021.09.20 06:17 ElliotsRebirth Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations

Amid persistent concerns that the protection offered by COVID-19 vaccines may be waning, a report released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that America's workhorse shot is significantly less effective at preventing severe cases of disease over the long term than many experts had realized.
Data collected from 18 states between March and August suggest the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reduces the risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19 by 91% in the first four months after receiving the second dose. Beyond 120 days, however, that vaccine efficacy drops to 77%.
Meanwhile, Moderna's vaccine was 93% effective at reducing the short-term risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and remained 92% effective after 120 days.

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2021.09.20 06:17 Sakkamakakka H: Q2525 fixer W: VE FR gp

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