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Herbal Refreshments

2021.09.20 08:09 ganjagorl Herbal Refreshments

How is the 420 situation? First time at SK
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2021.09.20 08:09 Amphaaabian My best friend did a dance cover on 'Lalisa'. I think she captured the steps accurately!

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2021.09.20 08:09 funkefetti_LOL Streaming a 100 Hours of TF in one Week trying to go from 300 LP to Challenger - Day 1

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2021.09.20 08:09 Fallingpeople One of my favorite interchanges on one of my favorite games.

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2021.09.20 08:09 VampericDrain Just curious but why?

I’m just curious but why do you girls “hold” your boobs while you take a selfie?
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2021.09.20 08:09 Bright_Fact_7518 Nose piercing trouble

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2021.09.20 08:09 imdpathway Amazon is investigating its lawyers for allegedly bribing Indian government officials

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2021.09.20 08:09 Ok-Introduction6280 UXIE RAID ON ME!! MUST BE ONLINE

Add 2004 9768 2353
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2021.09.20 08:09 burkishdelight Which is better? Nagato or Colorado?

Got back into this game and want to buy one of these 2 ships, to me they feel like the same ship. I had them ages ago and want one of them again. So which is better?
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2021.09.20 08:09 kaibaplaystheblues How do you add clothing to a character in blender and move the character in any pose with the clothing?

I'm quite new to blender so this is confusing me a bit.
Is there a certain way or tutorial that shows this because some I've seen are still confusing.
I just want to pose my character with realistic creases for a still photo, not animate.
If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it
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2021.09.20 08:09 ipostonthedonald Minus traits, can Legendary Hunters sprint longer without losing breath?

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2021.09.20 08:09 truth-4-sale U.S. removes migrants from Texas border camp, begins flights to Haiti

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2021.09.20 08:09 JoDizzlehn An Impossible Betrayal

An Impossible Betrayal
The preface
Hey! A DND 5e horror story for anyone interested. I have been digesting a good number of TTRPG horror stories lately and decided I would throw mine in the ring. I am a forever DM for 5e who began playing in some Roll20 games due to the pandemic. I played in a few one-shots--had great times generally--and then decided it was time to hop into a real campaign. I have had my fair share of troubled games, the closest thing I’ve had to a horror story is a failed school campaign which ended with my players jumping off of a modron skyscraper (still fun though). This is the story of my first real attempt at being a player in a full-on campaign online.
I personally harbor no ill will towards any of the players or even the DM. I enjoyed the dumpster fire that ensued because I knew it was just that. I should also mention that I will be sparing the details of why the campaign was truly mediocre. It really seemed like the DM was really trying to entertain his players and I absolutely respect that. Because this horror story isn’t about his failures there. This story is about a strangely underhanded performance by the DM and his quick undoing. If anyone’s interested in a more detailed account I’d be happy to reply.
TW: Quick allusion to sexual assault but no description
The story:
As per usual Roll20 fashion this story begins with me getting accepted to an interview. I get on Discord and I have an interview with the DM. Already the first red flags begin to wave, he warns me that he is going to have our first session be a prison break, that you have to not be too “sensitive” to play with him (this is important later), that he is not a fan of the Roll20 community, and that we will be having eight players at our discord table. All of these things scare me but I continue anyway. The game is on Sunday nights and I am perfectly fine riding this campaign like Dr. Strangelove.
I make my character, a peace cleric named Hydel Serafane. He was a soft spoken ex-pacifist that was tired of just watching the world suffer. Although the party was big there is only one character worth mentioning and we will call him KindRogue (I never even got a chance to write down his character name). KindRogue’s character is extremely honest to a fault and was pretty determined to do the right thing most of the time. I’ll just refer to everyone else as Party seeing as the specific characters do not have much bearing to this actual horror. I gave my DM a page of backstory and waited anxiously for the game.
We get to the game time and it immediately starts awkwardly. The DM throws us into the “prison break” but apparently the page he made for the map is broken. So he just throws us on a road guarded by two inept guards. We get attacked and are able to escape our bonds. Naturally, the DM suggests we head back into the nearby marshalls office to retrieve our gear. While retrieving and looting the empty office we let out an evil villain, we’ll call Gordon, because he promises to make it worth our while (he’s obviously a strong magical spellcaster) and are given 20 gold pieces and he teleports away.
The awkwardness of the first session could be explained away as just nerves and/or due to him having to change the story on the fly. HOWEVER, what can’t be explained away is that he didn’t have the characters introduce themselves or even say what they looked like. He just described the scene. I had to write my own google spreadsheet detailing the characters and their classes for my own reference as to the party composition.
Also, KindRogue and other members of the party said that they didn’t like being in prison, to which the DM mockingly insinuated that this was due to him being sexually abused inside of the prisons. I was pretty uncomfortable by how the DM immaturely put his insinuation. With what happens later it is obvious that KindRogue probably was too.
The rest of the session consisted of us heading to a nearby town before news of the escape reached them. We find a tavern and basically lay low for the night. But KindRogue was not able to sit still with the weight of releasing Gordon back into the world. KindRogue told the guards that Gordon had escaped so they had a chance to prepare in case Gordon might come for the newly appointed king. And the session ended there.
I thought this plot development was actually pretty cool. It was in character, it was dramatic, it made sense (the actual king was in danger), and was decisive.
I missed most of the next session due to holiday plans, I caught the tail end of it. Apparently they left to go to another town and had a session of drinking, falling in love with an escort, and ended the session by getting knighted and receiving about 200 Gold apiece (the gold being relevant to this).
Next session comes around. We do some magic item shopping, I spend 50 gold on an unidentified magic ring. Apparently it kills me instantly if I get knocked to 0 hp. Cool. Thankfully I could just unattune to it. We do some sidequests and awake in the morning to find a nearby government building with guards lying dead in the courtyard. We rush in just as the building explodes in an enormous blast. We can not save a single person and leave right after Gordon teleports away. Session ends as we leave the compound, we decide to skip town seeing as anyone important is already dead.
Here’s where things get bad.
KindRogue apparently was not having fun playing the game and abruptly decided to leave around two days before the next session. I speculate (for reasons apparent soon) that he was uncomfortable with how the DM treated his character, the general decorum of the DM, and how poorly his character meshed with the zaniness of the other characters of the party. The DM was quite obviously pissed about his leaving. The DM specifically stated that KindRogue was just too sensitive and should have listened to the warnings he put in the interview. And to be clear, the DM was very vague with his levels of tolerance and the immature levels that he would be stooping to in game.
My jaw dropped with what happened next though. So, apparently the DM had the KindRogue’s character abandon the party right as they were leaving, which is fine. But what wasn’t fine is that he spun his leaving in such a way that it seemed like he stole from the Party. What was strange was that the character only took his own belongings and the gold that was given to him. The DM was convincing the party that this man who just walked away betrayed us--which was sickening. I tried to convince the Party that KindRogue did nothing wrong.
“He took his gold” I said, “If I decided to leave today would I be allowed to take my gold?”
“But he stole from us!” Said one member of the Party.
In hindsight I am not sure if the other players were as gung-ho as it seemed like they were. Maybe they were just playing into the facade because they were good roleplayers? At least three of them were buying into the "stealing" narrative, I am not sure about the others though. No matter what this was definitely petty and malicious by the DM.
We went eastward out of town towards safety, my jaw still dropped. Apparently there were armies coming to attack the land we were in and it was the only way out. We picked up a new party member on our walk out of town and ended up in the town where the campaign would come to an abrupt end. In this tiny village we found the mayor and told him about the oncoming army and potential war. We said for him to get his townspeople to safety and to get them all as far as they could. This mayor apparently had a book detailing that armies often landed on the continent and razed the lands (as confusing at it sounds); his family had been in this town for centuries. He leaves to apparently go warn the townspeople (he also runs the local tavern) and we decide to rest for the evening.
In the morning we realized that this mayor went outside and without hesitation stole our horse-pulled cart. He didn’t warn anyone and just decided to steal from us (and we didn’t hear any of it, even though the cart was just right outside). We eat breakfast while discussing how to chase down the cart thief. When in stumbles a high ranking official in the currently collapsing government. Apparently the capital of the continent had fallen last night. He ran straight eastward and just ended up here out of coincidence. The most shocking thing he revealed was that KindRogue had sold the Party out to Gordon. And Gordon knew exactly where we were. And he was sending people to kill us. Apparently the KindRogue character did one of the following: magically teleported straight to the BBEG; left our party and immediately sprinted the whole day to find him in an area we didn’t know he was; or was controlled by a spiteful DM that wanted to make an ex-player-character suffer. The worst part was how the party turned on KindRogue's character at that point. Even going so far to say that they would not rest until KindRogue was dead. It felt really Icky (I didn't say anything though, I was flabbergasted). The session ended soon after this awful revelation.
To be clear, this was not only severely out of character for the rogue (KindRogue was reported to have lied and said that our characters were hunting Gordon in order to sweeten the pot, in reality we were just running from Gordon). KindRogue did the one interesting thing in the whole campaign by selling out Gordon to the authorities and this act was totally ruined by the DM's petty decision to do a 180. But also the act was impossible given KindRogue's abilities and geographic location. Which is why my mind is still boggled by why this was ever put into the campaign.
As the session was ending the DM told us gleefully that he really was looking forward to the next session and was excited for what he had planned.
It would never come.
Before we could get to the next session I received a message from the DM that due to “feedback and other circumstances” the game was officially canceled from then on. I had not given my perspective on what happened in the game. So apparently my other players were dissatisfied as well. The truly most tragic thing about the game ending is that I was really intrigued to see the session next week. It seemed like he was just poorly reacting to our improv up to that point. I was hoping that maybe this would be the chance that he finally made a name for himself. Sadly, he deleted the server and never replied to my attempts to message him.
On a positive note some of the players of the game stuck around together and found a different DM to play with. I went off alone. I decided Hydel would live in that stilted world the rest of his days. Now I have a different Roll20 game in the same time slot and am having a good time with it!
My Ex-DM does a poor job running a campaign and of telling his players of his comfort levels. A player leaves after deciding he is uncomfortable. The DM, in frustration, convinces the players that the player’s character stole his own gold and forced a plot point where the leaving character betrayed the Party. And with that, the game abruptly ends before we know where the campaign is heading. It lasts four sessions.
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2021.09.20 08:09 ExoticCoinsandGames Does unofficail Baby Yoda-"inspired" merch count?

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2021.09.20 08:09 Vaziiq What is something real, but seems totally unbelievable?

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2021.09.20 08:09 Parteres I can't live like this.(Please Read)

I'm 18M and i have a strong fear of giving people the evil eye.It started out as intrusive thoughts about giving evil eye to people and then compulsively reciting prayer for them.
I thought that they were just thoughts until problems started to happen to those around me.To save them from myself,I stayed inside for a whole year and seldomly went outside.
I want to go outside and be normal but these thoughts make me think i'm going to cause harm to everyone i see.I also got diagnosed with bipolar.
I don't think it can get worse than this.I just want to be okay but deep down I know socializing has been ruined for me by these thoughts.
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2021.09.20 08:09 howdy1026 Haircuts

Cheap and close haircuts in davis. Where?
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2021.09.20 08:09 Medguy1998 My fancy goldfish is pushing my koi fish around and rubbing on the underside and generally just annoying the koi and since I add the koi the fancy goldfish is unusually hyperactive

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Server invite: https://discord.gg/QC4g9QeSmX
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2021.09.20 08:09 eye_brawl Ps4 Asia I will be spot up need big and main guard

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2021.09.20 08:09 4ucky0u Picked up my first BMW on Friday. 48K on the clock, super clean 325D. I absolutely love it.

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2021.09.20 08:09 Daily_Cuddles The unfairness of pregnancy makes me want to scream

With all the anti-abortion talk about right now, I am once again reminded of the unfairness of so many women becoming pregnant who don’t want to. While at the same time there are many other women who struggle for years to conceive. It just doesn’t seem fair to anyone. The random cosmic injustice of it all just makes me want to pull my hair out.
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