Splitgate & The Return of Arena Shooters

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Is it possible to stake CAKE that is in an Exodus wallet?
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2021.09.20 06:49 Cherry_Narwhal Best Books For Friends of People w/ Binge Eating Disorders?

Hi! My partner has a long-standing binge eating disorder. He has discussed this with his therapist over the years, when he’s been able to afford therapy. And he’s been as honest as he can with me about it when he’s struggling. We’ve been together 7 months—I know there’s so much I have yet to learn to be supportive in the right ways. Are there books you all might recommend to loved ones of someone who has a binge eating disorder?
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It just reaffirms in my mind that the majority of men need to take a "How not to be a creepy piece of shit" class. I'm aware not EVERY man is like that, but unfortunately its the majority, learn some social decency, if a woman posts on anything other than an nfsw sub, then you have no right to even allude to sexual undertones in your interaction with her
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2021.09.20 06:49 Your-Knight I've been wondering this for a while, now before I ask I do rage in For Honor but not enough to quit the game so my question is, why do people quit For Honor?

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Original, French, Vanilla bean, etc All varients welcome
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2021.09.20 06:49 Unusual_Air_929 I was sexually assaulted by my ex and now when I’m asleep I hurt myself (explicit)

TW: graphic, reference to genitalia, self harm, TMI kinda
Basically when I’m asleep, I violently scratch my vagina and lately I’ll dig into my vaginal canal and scratch up there too. To clarify, this isn’t masturbatory, it really is so so painful and I don’t derive any pleasure from it but I can’t control it at all. I’ll wake up to find myself scratching, and it hurts so bad. I’m not sure if this is common and I’m wondering if it’s a symptom of my sexual assault.
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39/m and 32/m, we live 2 blocks away from campus. Swing by to get your cock sucked anytime on the DL.
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2021.09.20 06:49 trashulie The Asshole With a Heart of Gold: Kousuke Subverted

To me, one of the most fascinating aspects of the writing of I Love Yoo is the desconstruction and subversion of common tropes in shoujo manga and kdramas - especially those regarding love triangles. In one of her curiouscat response, quim noted "Even though I admit Kousuke's creation had a lot to do with the way I thought during my teenage years, them being like your typical 1st and 2nd male leads in most shoujo manga is not a coincidence" and I gotta be real with you guys: this thought hasn't stopped haunting me. I love tropes and I love even more when writers play with them, whether they are blatantly using them or subverting them. My favorite one to think about these days is Kousuke, partly in particular because I find it fascinating to see how he went from a very popular, typical "first lead" type character who so many fans openly loved to one who is very scorned right now, but mostly because this is a trope I've never enjoyed, but quim breathes into it so much realism and personality that the subversion just works.
Please note, I am not suggesting that Kousuke is a first or second lead. In fact, I don't think of either Kousuke or Nol as that. However, for the purpose of this writing, I am considering him as if he were a first lead, based on what quim wrote in cc.
The Jerk With a Heart of Gold In many pieces of media with a love triangle, there is, quite often, a jerk with a heart of gold. Though not required, he's often rich and privileged, and he has not experienced the same kind of lifestyle as our MC love interest. Especially when the jerk with a heart of gold is rich, our MC LI tends to be from a much lower class - a classic pauper and the prince. We even see this played with, wherein Kousuke hasn't eaten things like street food or god forbid a hamburger without a fork and knife - he's not an animal! However, even early on, quim is fast to play with this: yes Kousuke is privileged, but it's not that his privilege has denied him simple peasant experiences. He just finds these foods unsanitary and prefers him more gourmet options xD
The jerk with a heard of gold is, usually, cold to most people (especially those of the opposite sex) and has no interest in people he deems beneath him. He can even be haughty, as well as unreachable, someone so far removed from normalcy that the plights of the wee peasants does not phase him. In the beginning, Kousuke is played quite straight to this - he goes as far as to trip Shinae over a piece of tiramisu and calls her a fat ass, insults her "cheap clothes", and implies that he is well above her; on a number of occasions he refers to Shinae's social class beneath him. We also almost immediately get to see the heart of gold - initially Kousuke seems to care about his brother, going as far as to want to apologize to Shinae in some form. Even though he ends up at the mall with her due to a prank phone call gone awry, he's still witness to Shinae's altercation with the mother of a child bully throwing her drink at Shinae, and secretly reports the incident to security and provides her a new t-shirt (and qtips lol). How sweet, the audience swooned. Look, he cares!
What quim does really well with her storytelling and use of tropes, though, is that we learn fast that not everything is what it seems: Nol isn't a happy go-lucky second lead, Yui isn't the mother she seems, romantic scenes may not be that, and Kousuke is not simply a misunderstood tsundere. As the story reveals more information and we learn more about the characters, we see how they play into or subvert their respective tropes.
Misunderstood Jerk Often the jerk with the heart of gold is either misunderstood or protecting himself from a past pain - usually both. Something - often family - prevents him from opening up his heart, and it's only our resilient, plucky, MC LI who can thaw his heart and help him love. Or maybe she inspires him to live better, teaches him that life is worth living, yadda yadda. One way or the other, something about the MC sparks something in the jerk with the heart of the gold, and his grumpiness falls away (at least, around her it does).
Initially, Kousuke certainly seems misunderstood, and to some degree, he follows the trope. He does come from a troubled family who is the reason he has become the person he has. But rather than a watered down version of this trope for the sake of drama, Kousuke is wonderfully developed, in all his persnicketty assholery. (Please note I say this with tongue in cheek; it cannot be denied that Kousuke can be a jerk and, at times, an asshole. This is not trashing a character but discussing his traits, and why those traits exist and how they serve to play with or against this trope.) I really appreciate the depth quimchee puts into her characters - it's easy to write a character who is a jerk without reason, who enjoys being mean but suddenly changes. But how are readers supposed to see the importance of his change when it doesn't make sense to us?
Kousuke is the product of his environment and how he was raised. In a home that had little to no affection, where Kousuke was pampered, his mother manipulated him onto a one-track path to Rand emulation. From a young age, he was made to believe the only thing that mattered in his life was to become his father, a "very important man" too busy to be bothered, with whom Kousuke never developed any bonds. His childhood was beyond pragmatic, and by missing out on crucial moments playing with other children, we find that Kousuke didn't properly develop empathy, did not learn to deal with complex emotions, did not learn healthy conflict resolution, and suffered stunted emotional IQ as an adult. In so many cases, our jerk with the heart of gold is simply an emotion hungry, attention-starved guy who made himself feel he was better than others so he didn't have to face his feelings. Kousuke is a grander scale of this - he is attention starved (for Rand's attention), he is emotionally constipated, but because we've seen his background and how he developed these traits, it will make it more satisfying when he inevitably undergoes his eventual Much Needed Character Development. Kousuke is not simply an empty vessel for a popular trope - he embodies it in such a way that gives it more life. He owns it.
Kousuke is not simply misunderstood or "just needs a friend": he is man who (like everyone else in this story lmao) is in a great need of therapy to work through his issues. Unlike in shoujo or kdramas, it's not enough to fall in love with this man and expect him to change. Quim takes the trope and applies realism to it. Love does not heal all wounds.
A Heart of Gold The heart of gold aspect of this trope can be played with in many different ways. Sometimes, he is simply a tsundere who is not good at expressing his more vulnerable emotions, and reveals a softer side than his prickly appearance reveals. We know, though, that Kousuke's core is just as prickly as his surface - a fun subversion on quimchee's part. Other times, he reveals his heart of gold when he can't help but grow soft towards the MC LI, who, for some reason, makes him feel unlike anyone else has made him feel, who can get through his hard exterior, who makes him feel vulnerable. In these cases, he is often of the variety who is mean to everyone but the one girl he secretly likes.
Again, early in the story, quimchee makes us think that's what we're playing at. Kousuke seems to us as readers as having taken interest in Shinae, the rough around the edges, unrefined, uncouth mess that he's tangled his path with. In fact, it is further implied when Yui Hirahara enters the stage and heavily implies that Kousuke is interested in Shinae. "The only girl he's really spoken of? But soft! It must be love, for our jerk has revealed his heart of gold and fallen for our sweet damsel!" This is a detail I find incredibly fascinating, because it only starts to make sense further into the story, or after completing a recent reread.
For so long, if we take Yui's words and Kousuke's actions at face value, it is easy to think that the gears of a ship to come have started, and readers even start to read into scenes as plaintively romantic. A good example of this is the scene where Kousuke sees Shinae in just his work shirt after she has been tricked into wearing it like a shirtdress. We see Kousuke hide his face and blush, and Yui teases that he's having lewd thoughts, but like with most things in this story, there is more than at the surface. In time as readers we come to realize there is a different in how blushes are drawn: with and without pink. After rereads, it's plainer to see that Kousuke isn't flustered or blushing - he's embarrassed of this situation, likely for himself AND for Shinae, but it hardly reads as romantic so much as embarrassed by a meddlesome mother who is trying to get a rise out of him and putting a teenage girl in an uncomfortable situation.
A reread after episodes 142 and 143, though, reveals that it is much more likely that Kousuke's interest in Shinae has never been romantic, but rather, has always been related to Nol (initially in his realization that he could use Shinae to pacify Nol and also because we realize he sees in Shinae Nol). Moments like Shinae buying a slice of Kousuke's favorite cheescake evoke a memory of Nol, not because he's simply reminiscing, but it's an act that echoes the actions of his younger brother years before. It is easy to construe Kousuke's behavior as something romantic - he's trying to help her get ahead in life, trying to make the best of her opportunity, etc etc - but after realizing that Shinae is, as someone in this reddit put it, a mirror to the way Kousuke has treated Nol, it creates a fascinating debunking of the "jerk with a heart of gold" love interest. Kousuke's heart of gold has nothing to do with with falling in love, but with someone who makes him face his remorse and deep-buried guilt in the face of his brother.
This is probably my favorite way quim has played with this trope, and how she takes something so incredibly popular in most love triangles and flips it around. At surface-level, it's played straight, but the more we delve into it, and into Kousuke's personality, the more we learn that the trope is not utilized in the typical fashion. It makes both for satisfying rereads of this story, and incredible development. There is something I find very satisfying about the way characters are set up as standard tropes, and then they are turned into something far more dynamic. Of course, on the flip side, we have seen that in doing this, it really changes the views people hold of characters (of which I'm certain is quim's intentions). People who love the cold characters with a soft interior, who find the happy "second leads" to be boring and insufferable, cleave to Kousuke from the getgo. We watch the way he treats Shinae, all his seemingly sweet or kind moments that maybe, just maybe are a sign - only in time to get a better grasp of his personality, his past, and the realizations that Shinae represents the guilt he wishes to assuage, and the past sins he wants to be absolved from, but cannot yet face.
Subversion At the end of the day, I can only speculate, and I am biased by my own opinions. At this point in the story, Shinae is still a minor and Kousuke is an adult, therefore it makes no sense to show any romance between them. However, I still can't help but feel that the subversion of this trope - that Kousuke is not so much a jerk with a heart of gold but a jerk with a whole lot of baggage to be unpacked in therapy, whose heart of gold extends to someone who reminds him of the damage he has caused - is not a love interest, is as typical of this trope. I can't help but feel like the set up was deliberately done as a commentary about what we tend to expect vs what is reality (as in, what you see is not what you get and everything is always deeper than it looks). I feel like the deliberate set up of these two in traditional "roles" was purposefully to throw us off. Readers come into the story with expectations and we start reading the story we want to read - whether it's seeing romance in the tiniest interactions, whether it's overlooking certain flaws in characters, overlooking certain personality tones. Kousuke isn't the only character that this is done with, but with him, I find it especially fascinating, because he is constructed in a way to make lovers of this trope cleave to him, only for reveals of his past and his behavior to cause some to pull away. And THAT is what I find fascinating - the way the set up of the story vs the reveals change the ways people read the characters and what they think of them. We've seen this with those who come around to love Nol, those who once enjoyed Yui but come to loathe her, the way readers view Maya, etc. etc.
In most cases, the jerk with a heard of gold is easy to sympathize with and even forgive. He's so cold and cruel, but it's only because he needed love/his family was so awful/he didn't know how to reach out/whatever other justification there is for him. But Kousuke isn't justified. We understand why he is the way he is and we understand what caused him to become what he did but the story never excuses his behavior. He is called out time and time again - by Shinae, by Nol, even by Hansuke - for how he treats people, how he behaves, the way he treated Nol growing up. Unlike the jerk with the heart of gold, readers hold Kousuke accountable for his behavior, and it's what will make his eventual Much Needed Character Development so satisfying to us - that we have come to learn about him and see him at his worst and it makes us want to see him become better - whether it's because you're a fan of him who knows he's capable of change or you are livid with him and want to see him acknowledge his mistakes.
It really cements my current theory that as far as Shinae's relationship with Kousuke goes, in a sense of subversion, it IS about helping Kousuke to learn to face his faults, though not necessarily through Kousuke falling in love and wanting to become a better person for her, but rather, by seeing Nol in her and desperately trying to do better. I don't think Kousuke is likely to change as a person any time soon - not until he has some kind of event to serve as a catalyst for change. Crumbling under the pressure of a job he's not yet prepared for? Stress? A reveal that shows Shinae the things he tries to hide and the loss of her respect? Whatever the case, I fully expect Shinae's involvement in whatever breaks Kousuke and leads him to finally addressing the things he hides from himself, and undergoing character development. He's already lost Nol. If Shinae his second chance and he loses her, too, I think THAT will be a good spark for him to finally start facing the realities he hides from.
I won't go into it here because this is such a long post already, but similarly, Nol is placed in the stereotypical "second lead" role, a character type who is often earnest, respectful, understanding, sweet, and bound to break your heart. But like with Kousuke, this trope is subverted. The second lead boy is so often what you see is what you get, someone with his heart on his sleeves, and we instead, we learn that Yeonggi is, in fact, deeply troubled and desperately lonely, a desperate facade. I just really appreciate how these tropes create a set up and expectations for us as readers, and over the course of the story, completely throws our expectations away.
Tropes are so fun in stories, but especially so when they are played with to enrich the stories. If you made it all the way through, congrats lol! Please let me know what are some of the tropes you've caught on that seem to be subverted! I'm still musing over Yui lately.
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2021.09.20 06:49 scoobysnaxx5 Searching for more friends!!

I'm a junior at the university that lives on east campus and I've really struggled to make friends in the time I've been here. I hang out with my roommates and my boyfriend and his friends occasionally but that's about it. I'm involved in a few clubs but they don't meet very often. I'm a little socially awkward at times and it makes it hard to just go up to people and talk to them. Is anyone looking for friends by chance or know any good ways to meet people around campus?
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2021.09.20 06:49 Candy-Low Dust collector fittings

Anyone have any tips for dust collector fittings? I just looked on Amazon and they are 10 to 20 bucks each. I'm planning on using 4" sanitary pipe to plumb to machines. Any plumbing fittings that work to connect from 4" sanitary pipe to flex hose and from flex hose to the machines?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.20 06:49 IYINGDI_WANGYI I grabbed data of 3477 objects and 131 Mercs for outofcards. Feel free to use.

Shoutouts to outof.cards.



Data source
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2021.09.20 06:49 Chaseshaw What's in your toolbox?

A different kind of post for this sub...
I'm into DIY car repair and have done a lot I'm proud of but nothing super heavy. The list includes O2 sensors, brakes, engine harness, throttle body rebuild, oil and filter, air filters, MAF, transmission gaskets and fluids, valve cover seal, stereo and interior, hydraulic repair (convertible), spark plugs and ignition coils... I bought a cheap project car off Craigslist that I'm not afraid to break and in turn I've learned a ton from it.
Now, I've had to tap and die a stripped and/or broken bolt before. The extraction was a PAIN and I did it by hand because that's all I have. Then, last time I was underneath it I broke another bolt off. Ugh. I have wedding anniversary / Christmas / birthday coming up in the next few months and am putting a list of tools together as gift ideas.
Any suggestions? What's in your home garage? What sorts of things should I be looking for for these bolt extraction jobs, or is there some awesome helpful power tool in general I'm missing having done everything by hand so far? Any recommendations? I see videos of people with electric impact drills or little Milwaukee ratchet tools and just don't know where to start!
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