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I Can't Break The Cycle

StarBreak is a unique skill-based action platformer MMO where you explore strange sci-fi worlds alongside dozens of other players, kill legions of dangerous aliens and fight epic boss battles. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN Quake I Server (offline) Streaming Audio project (offline) Reader-submitted banner / Button Logo; Messy Desk Contest (offline) Moderator Application (offline)2017-02-28 Queue now at zero. Fixed PHP encoding issues that caused some quotes to not be displayed. Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Stress Relief Music Video with beautiful nature and calm Music for Meditation, deep sleep, music therapy. ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. is dedicated solely to the field of primitive archery. We have practical how-to's, hunting tips, exciting stories, and related ways to maximize your primitive experience. We have message boards to share information with other bowyers.

2021.11.26 19:50 cr1stata I Can't Break The Cycle

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice and comfort in this terrible time.
A bit of background, I've always been really insecure of my body since I was a kid and was always aware of what I was eating and my exercise level. I tried losing weight multiple times but nothing really stuck until I realised that doing Ramadan was making me look slimmer. I did a modified version of that for a few months but again I gained the weight back. At the end of 2020, I weighed the most I've weighed at 71kg and I decided to start with CICO.
I then proceeded to do CICO for the past year, losing max 20 kg. I like my body much more and feel confident sometimes, even though the weight loss didn't change my biggest insecurity that is my chubby legs.
Because of my past of disordered eating and mental health connections such as body dysmorphia and really bad self worth, I struggled a lot at times w CICO. But now its at its worst.
Since about a month ago, Halloween 2021, I have gained 2 kg. I have not lost any weight since September. I have been binge eating until throwing up, cannot stop thinking about food and its effecting my studies and relationships, and I cannot leave the house bcus I can't stand anyone looking at me. I keep trying to get back on track but everything overwhelms me and I'm constantly on the edge until something tips me off and I start the cycle of bingeing and isolating myself again. It gets worse when I'm with others and they eat and I eat with them, however much I want, 2000-4000 calories a day.
I don't know what to do. I'm not at all happy with my body and especially now that I'm gaining weight. I'm constantly reminiscing about how I managed to do so well for a whole year and how that all seems completely impossible now. I want to lose more weight, I want to love my body for once, and most of all, I want to have the discipline and control back and set out to achieve what I want!
I don't know where to go from here...
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2021.11.26 19:50 Upstairs_Wallaby3265 AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA

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2021.11.26 19:50 SxQuadro El Salvador buys the dip

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2021.11.26 19:50 xX_xFUBARx_Xx H: 10k caps W: 10k UC plasma c

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2021.11.26 19:50 DTY-Entertainment Dog in GZDDOM

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2021.11.26 19:50 Worldly_Science Today my MIL argued with me about…

My eye color.
This woman. Told me I didn’t know my own eye color.
My son looks like a carbon copy of his dad. Think Jango and Boba Fett level. Son is almost 4 months old. My husband has blue/gray eyes, mine are hazel.
Recently, some people have said they see more of me in him (🥺 I love those people lol), and often it’s mentioned in relation to his eyes/ eye shape. His eyes also seem to be shifting color a little, and this is what my MIL was commenting on.
I said I think they’ve turned a bit green, and might end up being green or maybe hazel.
This woman is sitting across from me and says “like his great gramma”.
Excuse me, what?
I said “you mean his momma 😅” (why do I try to be nice)
MIL: no, his great gramma. Your eyes are brown.
Me: no, my eyes are definitely hazel.
MIL: no, they’re brown. They’ve always been brown.
Me: they’ve always been hazel, I don’t know what the f-
Husband: mom her eyes are hazel.
MIL: maybe I could see that if they were in the sun or something…
😑 y’all pray for me, they’re here until Tuesday. 😂
What stupid shit has your family argued with you about?? Commiserate with me lol
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2021.11.26 19:50 theycallmeyoda000 Probably a very stupid question but.. Can I use any fire starter (weber, etc) in my kamado joe? Also are the long hand bic lighters ok to use? I don't want to wait to order a torch and everywhere around me is out of starters other than the weber. I know certain chemicals can't to in the grill!

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2021.11.26 19:50 TheBoringCheese He was mad that he didn’t get to go to Taco Bell so he tried to eat a cardboard box

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2021.11.26 19:50 lavendersunshxne Zoloft is changing my life…

For the good of course! I started on 25mg in Sep, worked my way to 50mg, then 75mg, now I’m on 100mg and have been for a couple weeks.
I started taking it for anxiety, but it has helped me with so much more. The biggest thing I have noticed are my energy levels. Prior to medication, I would do nothing. I would lay in bed all day and night, no motivation to get up, I was fine with chilling all the time.
Now on Zoloft, I want to do things!! Here is a list of what I’ve began doing since starting Zoloft:
Cooking!!!! I never cooked before Zoloft, now I’m making dinner almost every night & I made my family a thanksgiving meal
Cleaning! Im still not the cleanest person ever (I hate folding clothes) but I’m able to keep my space cleaner than ever before
Making plans and following through AND being EXCITED for my plans! I actually have the energy and want to hang out with my friends and go out and do things :)
Thinking positive thoughts! Before, I would dwell on all the negatives in my life. Now I can see my potential and a wonderful future for myself. If I get upset about something, I’m able to let it roll off or find a solution, rather than think about it over and over and over. According to the doctor, I have OCD tendencies as well, which have been helped by Zoloft.
HOBBIES!!! This is a big thing for me, I used to do nothing all the time. Besides cooking, I have also picked up photography (I was always into it, but never followed through with anything or learned anything).
Facing my past issues! I can now look at who I was before and what I’ve done and not feel so bad for them. Something I just did was reach out to my modeling agency (I have been neglecting them and modeling for years now) & apologized for my lack of effort. I love modeling and hopefully this is the start of something!
I thought anxiety, etc. would be a lifelong battle and I wouldnt make it. But now I can see hope.
If you read this much, thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day.
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2021.11.26 19:50 _Dances_with_cats_ Cresselia 3141 1586 7671

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2021.11.26 19:50 Kayyam Starting equipement for mid level one-shot?

I'm about to run Castle by the Sea in a couple hours, using a mix of Basic Fantasy and OSE rulesets.
Characters will start between level 4 and 6.
I'm not sure what to give and/or where to roll for starting gear. They would have better stuff than level 1 stuff but it's hard for to gauge so I'm asking the community for help.
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2021.11.26 19:50 rug__ My friend Luke told me his wife cheated on him. My advice?…

Use divorce, Luke.
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2021.11.26 19:50 Dasty-g I drew Nian again

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2021.11.26 19:50 ImaGeisha4u LATE HOLUP!! :(

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2021.11.26 19:50 TheAznAssassinX Everyone here seems to love my LS Swapped Porsche 911, here's my "sorry officer my foot slipped off the clutch" video!

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2021.11.26 19:50 bigdaybbq Name the underrated song. (Easy)

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2021.11.26 19:50 mmr61184 Geissele Trigger For AR question

Been trying to get a large pin Geissele SSA trigger but are sold out everywhere. Geissele updates their inventory for Black Friday and have the Highspeed National Match large pin on sale. It’s adjustable and was curious if anybody has enough experience to know if I can replicate the SSA trigger specs with the right spring adjustments or should I just wait to find the SSA
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2021.11.26 19:50 nooo3e Scam likely riddle dungeon [Spoiler],This happened forever ago but still annoys me

Back in the scam likely riddle dungeon ep. When they are playing truth or dare and henry looses a d6 of jems because he didn't want to say wich kid is his favorite and they just move on but when glenn doesn't want to lose his guitar skill wich is half of his personality henry and scam both act judgemental of him.
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2021.11.26 19:50 RedpilledChris TV Shows are WAY better and there are more than good movies these days

In the past decade or so TV shows have become better than movies. A lot of these shows have better production than a lot of the movies. Just take a handful of GREAT shows out there and compare them against the good movies in the past 10 years. You'll probably count more shows than movies.
Movies continue in a downfall with sequels and prequels dominating, whereas shows are innovative and thrilling, especially the one-hour drama shows.
If you want to watch good entertainment you'll have better chance with shows.
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2021.11.26 19:50 StreetAnalysis8157 40 [M4F][M4T] UK / online - I asked some of my ex’s what they liked about me and this is what they told me...

You listen. You let me talk and listen to my ideas and don't dismiss them and whatever it is, you are happy to discuss it. You are so very open.
You are fantastically sexy, and I love your Dom vibe. You just assume charge.
You are very intelligent, and also creative. You can be quite charming, when you wish to be. You know how to talk to people, how to keep their interest. You have an amazing accent. 😘
You are compassionate, you have empathy. You are happy to share your time. Anytime I have needed you, you've dropped whatever you were doing and stopped to talk to me.
I’m searching for people to connect with, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. For me it works best when I have all three. I’m not interested in one-offs or short term. I’m happy to just connect online for now, but I like fantasizing about one day meeting up. I’m poly.
I’m very kinky, into lots of different things, going deep, dark, twisted. I’m not into DDlg or light kink. I’m into pain, humiliation, CNC, bondage, psychological play, public play, degradation, beyond the bedroom, etc.
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2021.11.26 19:50 bautry84 A nice, relaxing evening after a butt-blasting black friday shift.

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2021.11.26 19:50 kuppmyballs123 Trade Zeke, Gallup, Claypool for JRob and Renfrow?PPR.

View Poll
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2021.11.26 19:50 ClumsyDemeanor Inspirational

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2021.11.26 19:50 Final-Product1541 Is it as easy to reapply?

When I first applied, they set me up a drug test and I got hired on the spot and given a start date. No interview no nothing. I ended up having to quit from my stocking position because it was badly effecting my mental health doing that for 10 hours a day, 50 hours a week w forced overtime. It’s been a couple months now and I’m ready to make some more cash and I hope I can ask to do other positions as well as stocking so I can be flexible and not suffer the mental exhaustion BUT ANYWAY POINT BEING IS THAT IS IT JUST AS EASY TO JOIN AGAIN?
Side note: when I quit, I quit from an app. Then just walked out mid shift. Didn’t have to tell a soul. So w that experience plus how easy it was to join im assuming it’ll be easy again but I just wanna make sure
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2021.11.26 19:50 NumbersInNameAreLame What the heckerino? Thank you bajs it's my first. FeelsGoodMan

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