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Needing a little help this Christmas

Christmas A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom. Related: New Year's Day, New Year's Resolutions. Did it snow last year at Christmas? Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child? Did you enjoy last Christmas? Do people behave differently during Christmas? Do they try to be better? ... by @konklone on IFTTT on XKCD?! console on IFTTT on XKCD?! console Thomas A. Phillips, President THE HARVEY PHILLIPS FOUNDATION, INC. TUBACHRISTMAS, P.O. Box 933, Bloomington, IN 47402-0933 PHONE: (812) 824-8833 FAX: (812) 824-4462 Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus at the North Pole, an award-winning Christmas website. Send a letter to Santa Claus or a Christmas card to a friend. Find yummy Christmas recipes, Christmas stories, Christmas entertainment and free games to play. Take the naughty or nice quiz or enjoy the very popular NORAD Santa Tracker. MSN Christmas Fun - Activities that promote the season of hope, love and charity through Santa Claus, St. Nick, and Kris Kringle. Religious Christian Christmas - Activities more religious in nature to remind us of the reason for the season... Holidays Christmas, An online jigsaw puzzle with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts We are obsessed with Christmas All Year Long! Christmas Decorations, Christmas Traditions, History of Christmas Around the World, Santa Claus and more! We love Christmas Crafts, Xmas Recipes and Holiday Home Decor! 266 Christmas printable coloring pages for kids. Find on coloring-book thousands of coloring pages. Enjoy Christmas stories and Christmas activities with your child. Have fun finding the hidden stories in Mrs. Claus' kitchen. Hundreds of Holiday recipes and Christmas recipes to choose from. Plus lots more to do throughout Santa's Village

2021.11.26 20:55 Kdougherty15 Needing a little help this Christmas

[Repost] A little Christmas help for my 3 amazing kids!
I would like to take this time to ask for a little help this Christmas season for my three kids. It’s been a rough year. We all got COVID and it took a huge impact on the family. My children are strong and fighters. Jordan is 14 and into music. He helps out whenever he cans. Zoey is 12 and loves fashion and art. She was a cheerleader but had to give it up due to cost. Brooklyn is 4 and she loves playing dolls and doing whatever her brother does. She is very energetic and keeps us all on our toes. They are amazing kids and I want to give them a good Christmas.
Gifts received:
Jordan-Kendrick Lamar CD
Zoey- funny fish earrings & Halloween dress
Brooklyn-Cabbage patch doll
Kathy Mom
Todd Dad
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2021.11.26 20:55 kaloyski04 i bought AC a couple of weeks ago and just unlocked the campsite — then this guy showed up as my very first campsite villager 🤩

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2021.11.26 20:55 Somnesis Fish cannot execute shell scripts from the macOS Finder

In macOS, if you chmod +x a shell script, you can double click it in the Finder to execute it. However, when I set fish as my default shell for the Terminal, this no longer works (it simply starts a new shell window without executing the script). This happens irrespective of the shebang.
Double clicking a shell script works with bash and zsh, but not fish. Is there something that I've set up wrong?
I installed fish using homebrew.
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2021.11.26 20:55 nagalon Bitvavo a.k.a Robinhood 2.0

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2021.11.26 20:55 runner52494__2 JFK 50 Mile - 2nd, 5:35 (7th fastest in race history)

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Win No
B Compete well Yes
Mile Time
1 6:20
2 7:04
3 6:47
4 6:25
5 7:58
6 8:05
7 7:26
8 6:48
9 6:37
10 7:05
11 6:45
12 7:21
13 7:44
14 7:09
15 8:15
16 8:21
17 5:56
18 6:00
19 5:58
20 6:03
21 5:58
22 5:59
23 6:03
24 5:56
25 5:58
26 6:01
27 5:58
28 5:59
29 6:04
30 6:02
31 5:57
32 6:17
33 6:07
34 6:22
35 6:12
36 6:17
37 6:27
38 6:18
39 6:38
40 6:34
41 6:42
42 7:17
43 6:33
44 6:51
45 6:31
46 6:55
47 6:38
48 6:37
49 6:40
Training My initial plan for the spring was to run both the Chicago Marathon and JFK 50. My talents and future in the sport absolutely lies in ultras, but I haven’t quite yet given up on the road marathon. However, after talking with my coach, we both agreed that the 6 week turnaround from Chicago to JFK (while doable) was less than ideal. My rationale was that trying to race both at full effort would lead to a subpar performance for both – I would rather really nail 1 race than run 2 I hit at 90%. Since the 2024 Marathon Trials Standards aren’t out, I didn’t want to waste my fall on an all out marathon effort. So, JFK 50 became the “A” target of the fall with Chicago remaining on the schedule as a hard tune-up workout effort. My entry in to the world of ultra marathoning had been pretty rosy - the #4 American performer ever at 50 miles in the fall of 2020 to breaking a 30 year old, highly respected Strolling Jim 40 course record in the Spring on 2021. Both were solo time-trial experiences, so I wanted a race that offered the competition for me to really measure myself against the best in the sport.
The theme of this training cycle was trying (and failing) to recapture the magic I found last year when training for Tunnel Hill 50. During that cycle, I was crushing 3 long runs a week and seemed to be ascending to ever higher planes of fitness. This cycle included a job change + move - Lexington, KY to Boston for a job with New Balance - and a persistent grumpy left achilles. Both were just enough to keep me firing on what I felt was 90% capacity. Objectively, workouts went well, but I never really got into the groove of training like I did last fall.
I ran Chicago at workout effort as planned and had a blast running 2:24 for 25th place in less-than-ideal conditions. From there, I focused on recovery and nailing the last 6 weeks of training before JFK. The most notable change I made this cycle was to include several trail + road combo long runs to get used to dumping my trail legs off after 90 minutes and shifting to efficient road running. The most notable of these was in Littleton, NH with 10+ miles on singletrack straight into 22 on a flat rail trail. These runs helped, but there’s only so much you can do to prepare for the mix of hilly trail, flat tow path, and rolling roads that JFK throws at you.
You can see my full training here.
JFK Background It’s helpful to have a little background on JFK. It’s the largest and oldest ultramarathon in the country with this being the 59th year of the race. The field is always very competitive and the course has some tremendous history. Names on the all-time list are instantly recognizable for fans of the sport. I wanted to run the race not only to finally dip my toes into the nationally competitive ultra world, but also run a race on a course that would allow me to compare my effort against the titans of the sport.
The course itself is very diverse and after over a half century has taken on a life of its own unique to the event. It’s not a trail race and it’s not entirely a road race, so both road and trail specialists can’t fall back on their strengths. It takes an all-around good runner to compete well at the race. The official course description is below:
The first 5.5 miles (starting on road surface and joining the Appalachian Trail at 2.5 miles) gains 1,172 feet in elevation. The course from 2.5 to 15.5 miles is on the Appalachian Trail (except for two miles of paved road between 3.5 and 5.5 miles). This section of the AT is very rocky in sections as it rolls across the mountain ridge. At approximately 14.5 miles the course drops over 1,000 feet in a series of steep “switchbacks” that then crosses under Rt. 340 and connects with the C&O Canal towpath. The “Canal” section of the JFK 50 Mile is 26.3 miles (from 15.5-41.8 miles) of almost totally flat unpaved dirt/gravel surface that is free of all automotive vehicle traffic. The JFK 50 Mile route leaves the C&O Canal towpath at Dam #4 and proceeds to follow gently rolling paved country roads the last 8.4 miles to the finish. The Boonsboro start is at an elevation of 570 feet. The Williamsport finish is at 452 feet above sea level.
Race The race itself went off 6:30 AM. Hoka runner Adam Peterman and I jumped out front to an immediate lead on the road. I focused on running easy and keeping close tabs on my effort as we climbed the 500+ feet on the road to the AT. Adam and I chatted a bit the first few miles and I could immediately tell he’s a super nice guy. We had a few mutual connections in the sport and talked a bit about the race itself. We hit mile 1 in 6:19 and Adam remarked “only 49 to go!”
As we began to climb more and more and approached the start of the trail section, I felt Adam’s pace begin to inch a little faster than I was comfortable running so early in the race. While I was tempted to ignore reason and try to run with him, I knew the smart thing to do was back off and run my own race. I hit the start of the trail section 11 seconds back of Adam and watched as he scampered off into the woods. I continued to catch glimpses of him at various points until about 5 miles in. I told myself to focus on my race and to not think too far beyond just getting through this first 15+ mile trail section of the race with my legs still feeling fresh and in-tact.
Things remained pretty unremarkable until mile 6 when an unmarked turn through me for a loop. I was 80% sure that the right fork was correct, so I turned and ran about 50 meters down the trail. Suddenly, though, I was paralyzed by indecision and fear of taking a wrong turn. I stopped and ran back to the intersection for another look. Still seeing no indication of which way was correct (other than a gut feeling of how the trail looked), I yelled out hoping some volunteer down one of the trails would respond and provide some evidence my decision was right. When no one called back, I just went with my gut and ran down the original trail I had chosen, losing somewhere between 60-90 seconds.
I had no idea if I was still on course until a mile later when I came across a hiker and asked “did you see another runner up ahead?” She replied “Oh yeah…he’s a ways up there. Better hurry up!” Other than being slightly entertained by the unsolicited annotation of the race, I was relieved that Adam and I were at least on the same trail. I still wasn’t fully convinced I was on course until course volunteers appeared another mile later. I thanked them for being out there and let myself relax that I had indeed stayed on course. “Now just focus on getting to the other side of this trail feeling good and whole.”
The 10 mile aid station was a burst of energy that was a welcome change from the silence of the woods. I blew through it and headed back up another climb. At the top I had a long line of sight of the aid station area and caught a glimpse of the pack of 3-4 guys chasing me. I took note of the gap and tried to not let it change how I was attacking the trail. So far, I felt good and within myself. I was determined to not let the knowledge that there was a 1-2 minute gap back to the next pack be a catalyst to do something stupid like run too hard up the next climb.
I kept this mindset the next 5 miles as the trail slowly descended and finally hit “the drop” from the ridge down to the C&O Canal. On the switchbacks I finally had another long enough line of sight to catch a glimpse of the pack chasing me down from the ridge. I took note of the gap but immediately turned back inward and focused on getting off the mountain without falling or destroying my quads.
After a tricky descent, I finally burst out of the trail and onto the road to a line of cheering spectators and crew. It was a nice welcome off the trail and I enjoyed the run down to the C&O canal to meet my crew for the first time. We had rehearsed my shoe/vest swap the night before. The shoe plan was to swap from the New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail to the RC Elite 2, while the vest plan was to swap my vest for an entirely new one with fresh nutrition so that I didn’t have to mess with refilling bottles. I ran to my crew, ripped my vest off and threw myself into the chair. My boyfriend helped get my trail shoes off while I was tying the RC Elite on the other foot. I was told Adam had a 7 minute lead. This was the first specific time feedback I had gotten the whole race, and I was honestly a little shocked the gap was already 7 minutes. I was hopeful I could make up some time on the C&O canal. My legs still felt pretty good and I’ve always been solid at running ~6 minute pace deep into an ultra.
The rest of my crew helped get my fresh vest on and gloves back to me as I peeled out of the aid station. I later found out the whole transition was done in 45 seconds - a 10 second improvement from the dress rehearsal the night before! I focused on trying to dump off my trail legs and get in the groove I wanted to hold for the next marathon of the race. “Just find the flow.” I started to find a little of it, but the really fluid state I usually find was frustratingly elusive. My achilles started to hurt and got worse and worse for about a mile. It finally started to subside and mostly went away, but I still couldn’t find the flow I wanted.
I passed an aid station and unexpectedly saw my crew again at 19 miles for some cheers. I waved and blew through, trying to not let on that I wasn’t exactly thriving. Robbie, a teammate from college there crewing was a few steps past the aid station and told me I was about 7 minutes back. I was a little frustrated that despite having just run 5 or so 6 flat/sub 6 miles, I was still losing ground. I knew then that Adam was probably not coming back, and the best thing to do was to focus on running the canal as well as I could.
I still couldn’t find any flow, but things at least didn’t feel hard at mile 20. That began to change at mile 22 when I began to feel the fatigue start to creep in. Suddenly, the enormity of what I had left began to seep into my mind. I started to wonder why, of all the things to do in the big wide world, I had chosen to make ultras my “thing.” I shut that toxic train of thought down and kept telling myself that I had gotten through these races before. It was going to be hard, but I knew this was something I could do. I set my sights on mile 28 when I’d see my crew again next.
At 28, we had a quick vest swap and another update that Adam was about 10 minutes ahead. I briefly hit a solid groove around 30 miles and for a moment felt like myself. A biker going the opposite direction gave me some love and said “you look stronger than that guy up ahead.” I latched on to the first and only bit of news I had heard so far that indicated Adam was indeed human and showing cracks. For a few blissful minutes, I actually felt like myself and felt like I may be able to squeeze something more out of the last 20 miles of the race. As soon as it came, though, the feeling left and I was once again confronting the 2ish hours of running I had left.
I made a deal with myself to just focus on getting to an hour left. With under an hour to go, I knew I’d be able to muscle my way to the finish. If I could just get to that mark, things would be ok…
My last crew stop was at mile 38. I was hurting and they knew it, but the vest swap went smoothly and cheered me on as I headed off on the last leg of the journey. The remaining 4 miles of the C&O canal agonizingly ticked by, and suddenly I finally found myself on the road. The change in surface was an immediate mood booster. The shockingly steep hill at mile 42 was an immediate mood killer. I got halfway up, saw it turned yet another corner, and decided to just walk the hill. I was genuinely afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish the race if I ran up the rest of the way.
When the hill finally topped out, I reluctantly began running again and was pleasantly surprised at how my legs were responding to being on pavement. I knew Adam was long gone ahead of me, but I was worried about 3rd place running me down the last 8 miles. Nutrition wasn’t going down as well, but I knew I needed to keep the flow of calories going. I stopped for 5 seconds at each of the last 3 aid stations of the race and threw back a cup of Coke at each. The new source of calories seemed to hit my system in a way that Gu no longer was able to. Each time I put down a little coke, I had a few minutes of improved running.
Over the last 3 miles, I kept checking behind me for a glimpse of 3rd but never saw anyone. All I wanted to do was walk, but I dutifully trudged forward, each mile slowly ticking by. I finally approached the finish line and laughed at how cruel it was that they gave you such a long finishing stretch for 50 miles. I crossed in 5:35:44 and have never been more happy to be done with a race. My crew enveloped me and made sure I knew I had just run the 7th fastest time in JFK history. Adam had run an incredible 5:19 for the second fastest time in the history of the race, just barely missing the course record. I hung around as the next few people came in, and it became apparent that this was one of the deepest and fastest years ever at JFK. On the podium, we learned it was the fastest top 10 in history.
Final Thoughts The longer I am in this sport, the more I begin to consider what it is that I want to ultimately get out of it. Pushing your limits as a runner to be the best version of yourself is noble, but at some point I will find where that line is. Eventually, the years of training and racing will be boiled down to a few stats of what I was able to accomplish in the sport. I want an impressive resume and to give everything I can while I am able, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that’s why I still do this after 15+ years of competitive running.
What I want more than anything out of this journey is war stories and memories and adventures with people I love. Every time I hear someone like Andy Jones-Wilkins talk about their running career on a podcast, I’m floored at how easily story after incredible story flows. I’m impressed with what someone like Andy was able to accomplish in terms of results, but I’m even more inspired by the way these people were able to use these experiences as a tool for a life well lived. While I have some big goals I want to accomplish in the coming years, I’m making sure to first and foremost enjoy the journey I’m on and be thankful that I’m surrounded by people I love. Because one day, I won’t really care that I finished 2nd at the JFK 50…but you better bet I’ll still be telling the story of a 45 second shoe change over a glass of bourbon with old friends.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2021.11.26 20:55 jandorn Immigrants' first look at Dublin

Immigrants' first look at Dublin My first arrival in Ireland. I took this photo trough dirty window of a plane with iPhone 12 mini. Tried to take many photos on this flight but window was frozen and phone camera was focusing on ice making many photos useless. Closer I was to Dublin more ice from window was melt and last few images were pretty good. This is my favorite and my new wallpaper.
Use this image as you wish.
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2021.11.26 20:55 savemefr0mthisabyss Just sold my first 4 music NFT’s last night. Super excited, and thankful! Discussion on music as NFT’s, how much value do you think they’ll have in the future?

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2021.11.26 20:55 NotintheMossad Andy Franco and the UN is the most underrated band ever.

Just saw them at my college music hall and it was the best show I’ve ever seen. There music is so fun and also really smart and comforting. I think the only reason they’re not huge yet is because none of their songs have hit the mainstream
Mark my words they will be huge one day 🤘
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2021.11.26 20:55 AshlynFS anyone know where these shoes are from?

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2021.11.26 20:55 Heavy-Piglet9205 Qubes setup help required please

I have currently tried to install Qubes 4.0.4 on my PC, I have gone through the installer got to the end where it says installed successfully. I have tried on my HDD and 3 USB sticks, but when I install it on my HDD I get no boot device found after finishing the installation, to which I’ve tried following the guide on the troubleshooting website for UEFI support and I have no luck as I always get file directory not found even when mounted and so forth. Then on the USB I have the issue where it’s letting me boot from the usb but I get a black screen and get kicked back to choosing what to boot from, and again I’ve followed the instructions and get no luck doing that either. So I’m wondering if there is any possible help with this issue? Thank you.
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2021.11.26 20:55 Dramatic_Leg1661 Crypto Holders on Black Friday

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2021.11.26 20:55 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) W LAKE MEAD BLVD / N TENAYA WAY 11/26/2021 3:35:30 PM incident #LLV211100110370
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2021.11.26 20:55 Cmdr-Pel Got bored, made a thing. Night all, have a great one.

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2021.11.26 20:55 BVB09islife Just bought a A90J and I need help

I don’t know much about sound bars or upgrading a sound system. I know a lot about TVs because I’ve been looking to upgrade for a few years now and never did cause I’m a perfectionist (and I basically couldn’t commit to a tv). Worst part is I’m like this with everything, but thankfully I don’t know much about sound systems and I can gladly just take someone’s advice and roll with it. I don’t have a budget in mind atm but I did just this tv so I will not be spending to much on the upgrades. But it’s all about what seems worth it, if it seems to be great value I’ll be open to it.
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2021.11.26 20:55 Stvenses Koko definitely would

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2021.11.26 20:55 Simplysad_ Never new I could get suspended from the college of winterhold. Also anyone else still play on the ps3?😂

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2021.11.26 20:55 DarlingStars65 my island rn. stopped putting the pathing down once i realized that i was gonna change the layout of my entire island once i get to 3 stars lol. ill try to get my stars up tomorrow by just planting a bunch of flowers everywhere since ive heard that works

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2021.11.26 20:55 helipad668 While y’all play ISPC I’ll be watching IINN on Monday

Covid play just like ISPC but cheaper and more room to run
Low float 3M
Low MC around 30M
Have previously ran 300% so it’s not it’s first rodeo
Already up 40% AH
Looking to enter at open on the dip
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2021.11.26 20:55 Squanch_1337 Anyone selling tickets to the Ye and Drake concert?

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2021.11.26 20:55 Familiar-Pie5607 Ah shit here here go again

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2021.11.26 20:55 truematic How to Get Past Payments Page for Awards Ticket on Turkish Airlines Website?

I've called TK twice to try to get this sorted without avail. On this payments page where I would enter c/c info for taxes and fees, there is no red "Continue" button anywhere on the page. I've tried mobile and two different browsers - same issue. Based on screenshots on a travel blog, it should be here at the green rectangle above the c/c badges:
If you can tell what is going on here, please let me know. I would love to figure it out. Thanks!
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2021.11.26 20:55 zombiefart H: TSE25 Flamer W: Wish List offers

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2021.11.26 20:55 tehweave Anyone else having problems with EDHREC?

I've been trying to access their website for over an hour now. I'll go to the "recs" page, input my list, add my commander, and then hit "submit". The page will pause for about 60 seconds, then go to a black screen and stop. I've cleared my cache, tried different browsers, tried on mobile, nothing.
Is anyone else having problems with EDHREC right now?
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2021.11.26 20:55 WhaleExplode Gimme karma and I’ll give u karma just comment

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2021.11.26 20:55 sullynator85 Getting lava core

Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any tips for getting the lava core to upgrade my boat. I almost made it today and then got wiped out by a common bandit I couldn't avoid. It is the final piece for my boat.
I suspect that I just have to keep leveling my teams so I have a few questions:
Does the enemy level in danger zones increase with your level?
Could I use lower level bots in my team, give my high level bots to my recruits and let them handle it?
Is there a general concensus on what level I should be looking at to level my boat to level 10?
Thanks for any tips you may have.
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