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Anyone want to have a short conversation about what your favourite fact, anecdote, story, or joke is right now?

2022.01.22 02:42 rainydayscooter Anyone want to have a short conversation about what your favourite fact, anecdote, story, or joke is right now?

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2022.01.22 02:42 Antoinexana How I almost got into a fight on my first week as CAP2

So I got hired in December of 2019, so right before the COVID stuff and let’s just say when I first started, it was complete hell, I’m good now but back then, I sucked at stocking.
So my manager who isn’t my manager anymore told me to work Aisle 10 and 11 and that’s where we keep everything fruit cup related, condiments, spreads etc. so I was working that aisle trying to read the very small UPCs at the time and I was sort of getting the hang of it. And towards the end of my shift, there was this dude now mind you looked…interesting which I’ll explain later on. He saw me and looked at my hair (Back when I first got hired, I had rainbow hair, not all the colors but a decent amount and it was bright asf). He looked at me, proceeded to laugh and point at me, now y’all know me, I’m usually happy go lucky and respectful…let’s just say I wasn’t with this guy.
So after like 2 minutes, I threw my freight to the side, went to his register that he was checking out his stuff and was like “Why the fuck your black ass got a problem with my colorful hair dude? Because if it bothers you, you can kindly fuck off” and he was like “You can’t do nothing, you gay asf and no gay dude can whoop me”. Now when I first got hired, Walmart didn’t give me their box cutter, I gotten my own and my dad gave me one of his spares and I carried them with me. So I was so mad to the point where I almost used a box knife on a customer, I was so mad you guys. I just hated when customers just pointed at my colorful hair and just say “Freak, The f word, punk, fruity tooth” etc. I just hated back then when customers came at me disrespectfully, I still do but I’m more tolerant of their bullshit at 21 lol.
I told my manager, she tried to calm me down but warn me not to let anger rattle me up. And my teammates were surprised at the time because half of them knew me from school and they were astonished that they saw me almost fight a customer.
Oh you know how I said I’ll describe the customer? Yeah this guy was built like Oscar proud aka a branch, he had spaghetti dreads with the ugliest turquoise color to it, and he had the audacity to insult me when he look like a hot mess express that destroyed Panda Express lol. (btw here’s a reminder you guys, please don’t do what I did back when I was 19, it could land you in serious trouble if you went through with it, just tell the customer off and go about your day).
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2022.01.22 02:42 CraftyIce7476 MICROPETS NEW POOL COMING

UNEVOLVED POOL🔥 - Revisited each month based on the performance of the project and market cap - Any Pet can enter this pool regardless of baby or adult. - Pool Last 30 days - 30 day lock up period - Pets Tokens as rewards - Claim as credit 10% bonus - Sustainable APR %
EVOLUTION POOL🔥 - Evolved adults only - Burn 2 adult NFT's of the same or higher rarity - 14 Days Evolution period - Buy a treat & reduce evolution time by 7 days - BNB & Exclusive Pools - Tax Free buying with BNB rewards - No Locked up Period - Petropolis Land Sale Access - VIP Program upper tier Access - Premium Pricing on MarketPlace
Link: https://twitter.com/MicroPetsBSC?t=rvbeQxDfV-eCyP-wf-bZ_w&s=07
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2022.01.22 02:42 markymark80 What is the best tv series finale?

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2022.01.22 02:42 Hwats_In_A_Name I need advice about a labor lawsuit!

TW: mentions of sexual assault
My problem is that I worked for this company before the pandemic. I’m in California and I have worked in addiction treatment. I was all signed up for my MSW and this company was a start up.
They made promises to me about my job duties and didn’t follow up. They also had a tendency to violate labor laws. And when I tried bringing things to their attention, they insisted they had it handled.
I was fired and presented a paycheck from the last pay period. They owed me three days of pay. I emailed them letting them know I still need my check and the labor laws in CA mean they now owe me an additional 1k. (I provided the legal code and running total they were accruing.)
They took another week to respond and let me know they wouldn’t pay me the fines that California says they owe. But I could get my check. Two days later one of the employees contacted me. She was sexually assaulted by the supervisor. And she wanted to join my lawsuit.
I was reporting the company to the labor board but decided to start a lawsuit. I believe they are technically two separate cases but I can cooperate things for her and she can for me.
But this happened in 2019 and then the pandemic happened. It’s 2022 and I don’t know if there is anything I can do to move this along? Our lawyer will barely tell me anything regarding progress.
The treatment center is still going. I’m not naming them because apparently that’s a huge reason for them to settle and pay us. She is owed good money and is struggling to keep afloat. Plus we haven’t been telling anyone. So she calls me crying sometimes because I’m the only one who knows what happened to her.
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2022.01.22 02:42 BrenRadNeo How it should've ended meme

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2022.01.22 02:42 paddyskittenmittons 70s/80s playlist of all the hits! Songs you would probably hear at a department store and wonder who's playlist this is. Has close to 400 songs (26 hours); updated often :)

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2022.01.22 02:42 j__all__day Iron Giant walk in today. By me

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2022.01.22 02:42 eureka_yess GEICO: Best Of Caveman & Pinocchio | Commercials Compilation | HQ

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2022.01.22 02:42 DTAPPSNZ He's a LL not a Unique Lord!

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2022.01.22 02:42 Chickenguy2 33631

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2022.01.22 02:42 Ayushjha20 The mechanic told me to put coolant in my car

Now I am no engineer but I am not putting ants in my car, doesn’t matter if they are cool
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2022.01.22 02:42 Villenthessis Klaatu and Crumpet Romantic Moment

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2022.01.22 02:42 swarmstorm21 Therapist and medication

Hi, I am a college student and I've been in therapy since the beginning of the semester. I was prescribed an antidepressant and medicine for panic attacks. When I was younger I went into a mental hospital and it was horrible. I had the medication sitting since October because every time I think about it I get flashbacks of that time when I was younger. I told my therapist this and they still keep suggesting I take antidepressants. In the hospital I was on the highest dosage of Prozac and still felt horrible and the psychiatrist kept say "I'Il just increase the dosage" every time I said I feel the same. It was to type point where I tried to take my life immediately after leaving the hospital because I still felt the same. My therapist even told me that I am a "red flag patient". Which I still don't know what that means but my therapist said I was that since I didn't want to take medication. It feels like my therapist is giving up on me and relying on medication when I told them how it made me feel.
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2022.01.22 02:42 dickmcgirkin KitKat

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2022.01.22 02:42 famouskt he emotionally cheated?

Hi guys I need advice like asap. I (20F) have been with my boyfriend (21M) for over 3 years now. We started talking when I was still in high school and he at the time was with another girl (he told me they were in an open relationship). Apparently he only broke up with her a few days before we went on our first date. We were officially dating weeks before then as we had been friends for years and had gone on mini dates. He continued to talk to his ex for at least 3 months after we started dating and kept begging for her back. He was even on tinder. One of his ex’s friends had sent me a screenshot of his tinder and when I asked him about it he lied and said he deleted his tinder when we started dating. About a year later he met this girl (Savanna) and they had been snap chatting back and forth. I was very suspicious of this and we argued about it a lot and I set a boundary and told him to block her because I was too uncomfortable. Recently I grilled him on everything that seemed suspicious back then and he admitted to the talking to his ex for 3 months and that he did have a tinder and was talking to girls (he swore they never went anywhere). He also admitted that the relationship with Savanna was him liking her and even said that if I hadn’t stopped it when I did he probably would’ve left me for her (a girl he had met once briefly in real life. she also doesn’t even live on the same continent as us). Finally, for the last year I’ve had health issues where if it had gotten worse I would’ve died. I finally got the all clear that I was out of the woods and was so excited to tell him. He told me that he probably would’ve never committed to me if I didn’t get better (like marry me). He says he’s the happiest he’s ever been with me and that he loves me so much and he never wants to lose me and the idea of it sends him into a panic. Idk at first none of this bothered me, but maybe it should. Idk i’m just so happy with him and it just sucks that he basically lied to me for the first year of us being together. I just can’t imagine my life without him and all the joy and laughter he brings into my life. I just don’t know if I should forgive him for this and move on and be happy or if I should end it?
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2022.01.22 02:42 mind967 What constitutes getting a deal?

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2022.01.22 02:42 rudeboykyle94 Me doing some Deadlock Drugs

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2022.01.22 02:42 JamesM777 I once killed a boy with a Fender guitar.

I don’t remember if it was a telecaster or a stratocaster, but I do remember that it had a heart of Crow and a voice like a Horny Fucking Angel!
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2022.01.22 02:42 perfectpencil Most competitive targets for Tooth and Nail for mono green cEDH?

I've been looking to put a [[Tooth and Nail]] into my [[Marwyn, the Nurturer]] cEDH deck. I know tooth isn't very competitive, but I have a few flex slots I like to play with and getting to 9 mana is really easy in elfball.
That said, I am struggling to find 2 creatures that I can tutor onto the field and just win with. I may or may not have a way to give these creatures haste, and that's an issue. With haste the answer is easy, just get [[Pathbreaker Ibex]] and [[Craterhoof Behemoth]] but I can't count on having [[Lightning Greaves]] or [[Concordant Crossroads]] on the field when I get to cast tooth. Without haste I'm not sure what can work. last thing I want it to put out the win and pass the turn.
I want something like a Temur Sabertooth combo, but i dont know of any in mono green. I see ways to get infinite mana, by Marwyn does that already. I need a win condition. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.22 02:42 MrUnknown787 Mouth swap test

So I need a new job. One job I want does mouth swabs test. I only do THC, can I pass this test? Or do I need a mouth wash or something?
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2022.01.22 02:42 cfe_sketchatoon Who wants to be Ted Hanover’s new Dance Partner?

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2022.01.22 02:42 Lyraez [Gifted] u/TwinklingStarsNow Random wish list time

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2022.01.22 02:42 kittenprincess5110 Any littles out there love the color yellow? It’s been my favorite lately.. what’s ur favorite color?

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2022.01.22 02:42 ggfien KAW!!!

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