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I feel like a lot of people refusing to work are just lazy.

2022.01.22 03:19 ArmstrongIsDead I feel like a lot of people refusing to work are just lazy.

Obviously depending on the type of work and the environments you're in make a large role into this, but this is from my personal work experience.
I've been working for a family owned hotel chain with 3 locations in WV for 3 years now, and it's been great. The owners are respectful, caring, and always willing to pay for your work and recognize when you go above and beyond. My starting pay was only $9hr but I was desperate and took it. It was made clear that the housekeeping job was part time, but for employees to get benefits and paid vacation they only need a yearly average of 30hrs per week. On top of this, as long as I was working she'd pay me as much overtime as I was willing to do, with the limit being 12hrs per day. As I was broke I took up that offer and they weren't lying. Within 3 months I was offered a managerial position and given a $1 raise for every position I learned how to do. This gave me a $3 raise in total for learning to supervise, work the laundry room, and run the breakfast bar. I was later pulled to work the Front Desk giving me another $1 raise and then another $1 for taking over the midnight shift as it's hard to find someone to do it. They later opened another hotel and I took over working night shifts at both locations, giving me another raise due to the extra travel. Other than the extra hours when I started, which I only did a couple days a week until my promotion, all I've truly done is the bare minimum of my job and taken the responsibility I've been given.
This leads into the laziness of my colleagues. Housekeeping is simple, you have a checklist of what you're supposed to do and people can't even do that. When we get new people, more often than not they regularly call off, they quit within the first week, or just half ass their job and get mad when we ask them to fix their mistakes. They complain they don't and can't get enough hours when all they have to do is ask for a list of extra cleaning. No one wants to put in the effort to learn extra positions like breakfast and laundry for the pay raise and none of it makes since to me. Whenever we have a snowstorm our owner allows us to stay the night at the hotel so we can still get our hours. She also provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us on these days. Yet only management usually stays and then everyone calls off because of weather and complains about losing hours when they finally come back to work. On top of this, the owner gives random raises to any employees she sees doing a good job and not causing issues. A friend who started the same time I did has earned a $1 in raises just because she cleans well and doesn't cause issues with management and other workers. You literally get raises for doing the bare minimum and not being an asshole, this is how low the bar has been set due to the fact we can't get any halfway decent workers.
This is really just a rant, because I'm frustrated with my workplace and the people who work at it. The two hotels I work at won the 1st and 2nd place for guest satisfaction for our brand. The guests that stay are typically business travelers and it is typically really clean. No drug or crime issues for all of my time working there. We have not even received an application for any position in over a month. And we have only hired one worker in the last 3 who has stayed more than a week. It's a really sad state to see things in and it's hurting everyone's moral.
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2022.01.22 03:19 _whoreheyyy_ I bought this bike for really cheap as a commuter for class. It’s a single speed and I live in the hill country of Texas… I need more gears and I’m not sure how to go about it. If anyone could point me in a cheap but reliable direction it’d be much appreciated!

I bought this bike for really cheap as a commuter for class. It’s a single speed and I live in the hill country of Texas… I need more gears and I’m not sure how to go about it. If anyone could point me in a cheap but reliable direction it’d be much appreciated! submitted by _whoreheyyy_ to bicycling [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 03:19 butch-davey Drought broken even a couple to open 🤘

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2022.01.22 03:19 Outlaw-Mike Just another adventure with Inigo!

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2022.01.22 03:19 imactuallyexisting eating at burger king rn

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2022.01.22 03:19 Barcelona_Dreaming Carioca Content Request

Hey everyone. I have some experience with Portuguese, mostly learning through my Spanish that I learned to fluency first. I started learning Brazilian Portuguese then ended up studying for a long time with a friend from Portugal. Now my accent when I speak naturally is heavily European with some Brazilian aspects.
I'd like to focus back on Brazilian Portuguese again now. My goal is to imitate the accent from Rio. I love the unique pronunciation of syllable-final s/z in the Carioca accent. For me it feels just like home, coming from speaking much more EU PT for many years.
Can anyone recommend any good podcasts, series, films, Youtubers or music with native Portuguese speakers that speak with the Carioca accent?
I did a quick search for this before posting. There are similar posts but I'd like more information if possible.
Vou tentar explicar um pouco em português. Há muitos anos estudei o português brasileiro. Depois comecei a estudar o europeu. Levo muitos anos falando com um sotaque mais europeu. Agora gostaria de voltar ao sotaque brasileiro por razões pessoais. Tenho mais oportunidades de falar com brasileiros por internet e ja tenho um amigo com quem faço troca de línguas todas as semanas. Me ajuda com a pronúncia brasileira. É de Minas Gerais.
Bem, como gosto muito do sotaque carioca, o meu objetivo atual é imitar esse sotaque. Qualquer recomendação sobre conteúdo com o sotaque carioca seria muito bem-vinda. Muito obrigada por ler tudo isso. Também seria bem-vinda qualquer ajuda com o meu português!
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2022.01.22 03:19 No_Estimate8558 Chop?

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2022.01.22 03:19 lasocs Photo History of St. Paul - 1/22/2022 (Source: MNHS)

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2022.01.22 03:19 Equal_Video8014 Nickiibaby mega $5 cashapp only dm me💰

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2022.01.22 03:19 fallen64 "tAkE ThE SuPpOrTs"

People spamming this are seething because they're getting pelted by ranged fire, but here's the thing.
We all know BB keeps the supports quite vulnerable, and no matter the cost a general will always have the upper hand, just play tactically you know, run between cover, flank, stun then punish, easy, you just cop more damage if you say chase a support into a tunnel by yourself soooo maybe reconsider going in when at low health, unless you know that support is cowering?
In short, "just don't get shot bro", fuck type advantage, if the raid ain't doing their job for whatever reason do it yourself, maybe the raid is a team player and only going for the support by cheer chance, maybe the raid spotted a problem and lacks the tells to warn the team, maybe the raid was reluctant to be it, perhaps it's a poor match up (no supports, or the raid isn't flight compatible but the support is and knows when to move and what to do when cornered, support has shock dampners but raid is having a hard time breaking them etc).
You're honestly a scrub if this is how you deal with your legs being broken all of the time, rushing out into the open like that, if you must say anything about the supports, "watch out for snipers", it's simple, nicer, and also covers ranged generals and even raids who might have a heavy stagger waiting for an ambush, it's also a signal ping, so whenever I see that I see who said it and note it for a flank attempt.
Take that tell off, quit spamming it, and just git gud.
Sincerely, ex raid main, now general main, sick of whiners, I understand when the support is spamming it (as annoying as it is when I'm already there backing them up) not not a general, and in no way is it directing the team to do it either.
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2022.01.22 03:19 TuftedWitmouse The Avengers won! Thanos is defeated, but the heroes decide they're going to address the problem about which Thanos was concerned: too many beings against too few resources. How do they do it? Hand out condoms? (What brand?) Promote birth control? Community gardens?

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2022.01.22 03:19 TheTommohawkTom Any mods/data packs that add a warning before shift-clicking Destroy Item in creative inventory?

I play on a survival/creative hybrid server (I play mainly survival but switch to creative to make seperate builds) and I've often completely erased my survival inventory by mistake when I switch into creative. Are there any mods/datapacks that add a warning of sorts before shift-clicking on it?
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2022.01.22 03:19 Peaches_and_Cream27 The Rise of Ciryl Gane

\Warning this is very long!*
Hello everyone! Your girl is back for 2022 and I will be trying to keep a more consistent schedule this year. To kick off 2022 I figured we could take a closer look at one of UFC 270's headliners, interim champ Ciryl Gane. I hope you all enjoy, have a wonderful night of fights!
Introduction: Interim UFC heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane will look to unify the belts against undisputed champion Francis Ngannou on Saturday night. Ciryl Gane's ascension through heavyweight MMA has been blisteringly fast, a mere 10 fights into his professional career he wears UFC gold. It has been marked by dominant decisions, fascinating finishes, and skills rarely seen at heavyweight. Heavyweight MMA is notoriously underdeveloped relative to the smaller weight classes, Ciryl Gane does not quite bridge that gap but he brings the weightclass much closer to the rest. With that said, let's take a look at how he does it.
Footwork: Much of the hype around Ciryl Gane has been around his footwork, about how "agile" he is despite his size. Ciryl Gane is what is known as a "ring general" at 265. What this means is that he controls where the fight takes place and has excellent awareness of where he is in the cage.
https://gfycat.com/terrificdeepgopher In this clip you can see that as Lewis begins to pressure Gane, Gane takes 2 steps backwards and circles around, retaking the center of the octagon. He reestablishes himself with a heavy low kick and the fight continues with Gane in control.
Taking yourself off the center line is one of the most important things that a fighter can do. When a fighter is moving straight backwards, their opponent has a direct line to them. They will also end up running into the cage very quickly which immediately removes half of their movement options. Striking is often about angles and if you can force your opponent to an angle where they cannot line their shots up with your head that is usually a good idea.
Gane is one of the best heavyweights when it comes to controlling where a fight takes place. In the previous clip we saw Lewis attempt to dictate that the fight would take place with himself in the center with Gane along the cage. Gane circled out to avoid that because he wants to fight from the center with Lewis along the cage. With this idea in mind lets take a look at the following clip:
https://gfycat.com/educatedweightyjerboa Lewis looks to take space here and Gane is forced to respect Lewis's power and as such backs off. However, Gane refuses to accept these terms for more than a few seconds and darts one way before exiting out the opposite side. He then circles around and begins to retake space with his kicks. And before long we are back to where we were with Lewis stuck on the cage, and Gane in the center.
The fighter who is in control gets to choose what happens next and can usually play the fight to their strengths. Comparatively, the fighter who is following is forced to react and is unable to build to anything significant. This is something that would be better explained at lighter weight classes as the current heavyweight MMA meta doesn’t really involve any building or complex sequencing yet.
The last component of Ciryl's footwork I wanted to talk about was his stance switching. It is something that he does a fair bit of and it plays into his overall game. Gane's primary use of stance switching is to force resets out of his opponents and make them reconsider their options.
https://gfycat.com/polishedsorrowfulchinchilla As Gane switches from orthodox to southpaw you can see Lewis immediately moves backwards and resets himself.
Stance switching as a concept is something that is extraordinarily useful and starting to enter the overall meta for MMA. Two of the best fighters in the world, Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway, are some of the best stance switchers in the world. Petr Yan and Israel Adesanya are also good examples of this. You'll notice that I just listed some of the best strikers in MMA. When a fighter is in orthodox stance for example, they present a certain set of weapons and holes that their opponent can account for. Now if they were to switch stance to southpaw, there is an entirely new set of weapons and holes that requires a recalculation. This is how stance switching forces out resets from opponents. Imagine giving someone a math problem and when they are partially finished with the problem you take it away and give them an entirely new math problem. That is what stance switching does to the mind of the opponent in a basic sense.
Another way that Ciryl Gane uses stance switching is as a defense against incoming strikes.
https://gfycat.com/wellmadeuntimelybongo In this clip we have Gane in southpaw and Lewis in orthodox. Lewis begins to throw a rear leg body kick but Gane sees it and switches to orthodox so that it lands on his back instead of his ribs.
This was something that was really interesting to me as it is something that could really only happen at heavyweight with Ciryl Gane. Heavyweight is the only division that is slow enough where someone could see a body kick coming and have time to react. And Ciryl Gane is so much faster and more coordinated than the average heavyweight that he can actually take advantage of this. Now, I will be the first to admit that this isn't particularly relevant for a fight with Francis Ngannou as Francis is not anywhere near as slow as the average heavyweight. But I wanted to point it out to highlight how unique Gane's skillset is and why so many people are excited about him.

Striking: As most of you are aware, Ciryl Gane is primarily a striker with an emphasis on range and distance management. Some of Gane's most common kicking tools are the teep kick, lowline side kick, and front kicks. Immediately you will notice that each of these kicks is meant to be done from the farthest kickboxing range and are not especially damaging strikes.
https://gfycat.com/deliriousfreeglobefish The teep kick is the quintessential distance managment kick. The main use of the teep is to prevent the opponent from advancing past a certain range set by the kicking fighter. Also known as a push kick, it is not meant to cause significant damage but instead to establish range. Jon Jones is a fighter who has used teep kicks excellently throughout his UFC career.
https://gfycat.com/aggressiveseverehoki The low line side kick is yet another kick that emphasizes keeping an opponent at distance. They are fast and go straight to the knee. And while they are not meant to be incredibly damaging they do have a notorious history of damaged ligaments. Robert Whittaker suffered a torn ACL in his first fight with Yoel Romero due to a low line side kick. But ultimately they are best utilized by Gane when he is in a bladed stance as opposed to a more squared stance.
https://gfycat.com/helplessmeagerkagu The front kick is perhaps the most damaging strike in this selection of kicks from Gane's arsenal. Even so, it is used to keep a fighter from simply walking into punching range. Of course Lyoto Machida permanently etched the potential damage a front kick can cause in our minds nearly 11 years ago at UFC 129. But ultimately Gane uses it as a more damaging distance management kick. The front kick does look very similar to the teep at first glance. The key difference however is the angle from which they are thrown. Front kicks have an upward motion akin to an uppercut. Teeps have a horizontal or downward trajectory similar to a jab.
The frequent use of these kicks gives us a good idea of what Gane's overall game plan usually is, to keep the fight at a range where he is comfortable and has a distinct advantage. This goes back to where I was talking about controlling where the fight takes place. Now that you have an understanding of what Gane is trying to accomplish when he steps in the octagon, you can begin to see how he uses his weapons to get there.
Gane's punches are diverse but his lead hand is by far his most active. He has a great jab that is quick and accurate. His lead hand, from both stances, is often his primary weapon in punching exchanges. Something else Gane does well is that he circles his lead hand, you will see this often from boxers but in MMA it isn't nearly as common. The point of circling the lead hand is rather simple, it is to make it more difficult for the opponent to watch and defend the jab. Something else that stands out is its accuracy. Others have said this before me but it is worth mentioning, He almost always lands it directly on the eye socket. As Jack Slack has said, "It's a legal eyepoke". It is the kind of punch that can lead to issues late in fights with potentially closing an eye, leading to a stoppage. He also does time it well with his short bursts and lands it frequently.
All of these strikes play into Gane's distance game very well. They keep fighters out of their desired range and inside his. They frustrate his opponents and force them to sit there and lose, or make exasperated mistakes. This is how Ciryl Gane wins fights.
Ngannou: Now predicting heavyweight MMA is very stupid and in general, a not very good idea. But not very good ideas are always fun so I'll have a crack at it. There are two main questions around this fight and we need to answer one of them if we want to make a defensible prediction of this fight.

  1. Can Ciryl Gane take Francis's power?
  2. Can Ciryl Gane avoid Francis's hands for 25 minutes?
To answer number 1, we don’t know. Ciryl Gane does an excellent job of not getting hit and is rarely hit cleanly. No one in the division has power like Francis does. Derrick Lewis hits very hard but he never landed cleanly on Gane. We aren't going to know how he holds up until the fight happens unfortunately. He may get folded like Stipe or he may walk through them like they're not even there, we simply just cannot say at the moment.
Number 2 is a far more interesting question to answer. Gane has the range management and the style that is built to avoid strikes. So at first glance it may seem like Gane will be able to dance on the outside and avoid Francis's power for the first couple of rounds and allow him to gas himself out. But there are two major caveats with this idea;
  1. For the first time in his UFC career, Ciryl Gane will be fighting at a significant reach disadvantage
  2. Francis's speed
Much of Gane's game is most effective when he has the clear reach advantage. As you can imagine, it helps to be able to touch your opponent from a range where they cannot and that is exactly what Gane exploits. Even against the 6'7 Alexander Volkov, Gane still possessed a 1 inch reach advantage. Against Francis he will be down 2 inches. This will force Gane to be even more active than usual, bouncing more and darting in and out of range to land. Gane doesn’t have any sort of complex entry system where he will be able to fool Francis into not being ready for him when he is in range. He doesn’t really build off his feints and extraneous movement and it's hard to believe that he will start doing that for this fight.
Secondly is Francis's speed, he is absurdly fast. He very likely is the fastest heavyweight and in the first round he is lightning. He will move into his opponent and often times they just cannot react to it fast enough. This is why we see fighters shell up in front of Francis so often because he gets to them faster than they anticipate. Francis's handspeed is also remarkable. One of the reasons why he is such a powerful puncher is that his hands move very quickly. Force does equal mass times acceleration, Francis has a lot of mass and he moves it very quickly. Given Gane's low guard, I have concerns about him being able to get his hands up in time to block Francis's punches.
You've seen Gane circle out effectively against Lewis but even that wasn’t textbook. He would often get turned away from Lewis and on more than one occasion he ended up with his back on the fence. That isn't going to work against Francis, he will get caught. Francis gets himself into range faster than anyone and Gane having a low guard doesn't bode well for that. Jairzinho Rozenstruik is a good example of a fighter with a low guard and I think we all know how his fight with Francis went (Ngannou knocked him out in under 30 seconds for those of you that don't). Gane keeps his hands low and away which makes him excellent at defending body strikes but body strikes aren't the biggest concern against Ngannou. Again, this mainly comes down to "can Gane manage to not get touched for the entirety of the fight?" Now of course we said the same thing about Tyson Fury in regards to Deontay Wilder and it turned out that he could actually take Wilder's right hand. But until I see it, I don’t believe it. Francis Ngannou by knockout round 1 or 2.
Special thanks to Dan Albert (@TypewritingDA) of The Fight Site for his help with this piece!
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2022.01.22 03:19 Mch000 how to change email

i just started playing crk again after a short break and when i signed in i noticed i had registered with the wrong email. i managed to sign in with that email, but its not mine so i wanna change it.
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2022.01.22 03:19 unforced_err Relayer - 2nd Trailer

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2022.01.22 03:19 Least2020-2022 "Ace Troop" ended, Xiao Zhan sent a message to say goodbye to Gu Yinye, ...

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2022.01.22 03:19 BowlingScrub How to play Tower of Pisa pattern 8 games? People

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2022.01.22 03:19 alltherach_ 220122 j-hope on Instagram

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2022.01.22 03:19 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 03:19 FilthyComrade06 Hidden wall in Enkanomiya, maybe for future storyline?

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2022.01.22 03:19 Old_Truth6995 Gracebon : Big Ass & Wide Hips. Video 936

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2022.01.22 03:19 RatRidingATractor I wish nobody in the world owned a smartphone

I don't own a cell phone. I experimented a bit with a flip phone for three months, hated it, and that was it. I live without one. It's not some pretentious hipster thing, I just can't stand these creepy little pocket stalkers that are basically just data mines that you have to pay for. I hate that you can't even go to a rural small town anymore without seeing people walking or sitting with their faces buried in their smartphones, or texting while they drive, or taking photos of themselves as if anybody actually wants to see their goofy smile against the backdrop of a tree or a building for the millionth time. I hate that you can't even watch any TV series anymore, except period pieces and post-apocalyptic shows, without seeing phones everywhere. I hate that when I try to watch a movie with my friends, they'll have their eyes glued to their phone and only even look up every twenty minutes or so. I hate that everybody's always taking photos with their smartphones, so that your only privacy is in your own home. I especially can't stand that companies removed all the payphones, because they just assumed that everybody had a smartphone so there was no need for payphones anymore. I hate the argument that phones make people safer - they might make you feel safer, but look at the stats on internet crimes that occur through phones sometime, or the environmental pollution caused by disposed smartphones, and see if you really believe that anymore or not. There's a lake in China that stretches out for miles and is now completely toxic because of all the mining and manufacturing for smartphones. It's been called the love child of Chernobyl and Silicon Valley.
I'm not saying we all need to go Amish or live off the grid or anything like that, but look back to even just the mid-90s, when cell phones were just a new novelty for businessmen and spoiled rich kids, and people were a hell of a lot happier. Cell phones are symbolic of everything wrong with our modern culture, whether it's people casually sending "nudes" as if it's seriously romantic and not just crude, to people needing to record others in public places having bad days so they can make "cringe compilations" out of them. I would honestly be perfectly okay if smartphones just all disappeared tomorrow. Any benefit they may purport to give you is more than overshadowed by the strings attached. In this era of anti-capitalism among all the liberal young people too, isn't it kind of sad that people today will ditch their old phone every time Apple or Samsung or whatever releases a new model? Is it not disturbing the rates of depression, mental illnesses and social isolation that kids today feel in spite of having these oh-so-wonderful little devices that track everything they do? Is it not dangerous that parents buy these things for their kids, with internet access full-time, while assuming that having a phone is some magic shield against strangers and pervs and other threats?
I don't care if Steve Jobs smells like strawberries and pees ginger beer for all it matters, I still hate phones. And before anybody goes to one of two default responses, no I'm not an old "boomer", and no I'm not using a phone to type this vent. I'm 23 years old and I'm on a school computer at the library. I hate phones.
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2022.01.22 03:19 dolawave (PS4) Need A Stretch or Inside Big Man 6’10” + for our Pro-Am 5’s. We play the right way and always get back on defense. You gon get fed w me as your point guard, trust.

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2022.01.22 03:19 sreeko1 Help needed. I'm trying to install DVWA on XAMPP local host and ending up getting this error. I'm totally new to this, hope you guys can help me fix it. Thanks.

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2022.01.22 03:19 SirRustyShakleford My local McDonald's is so desperate, they're putting applications in every bag lol

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